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Thank you God! And thank you all our wonderful supporters.​

The most vulnerable in Africa are newborns and infants.  Because of poverty and desperation, abandoned babies are often left on roadsides, in latrines, and by the gates of churches, hospitals, and police stations.  One of our babies, Zawadi, was left abandoned at the bus station.  Tiny 1.65 lb. Elliott, was abandoned at the hospital.  Helena, Meshack, Praygod, and others, were orphaned when their mothers died.   Deborah, Anna and Esther, tiny triplets, were so small they would not have survived without help.  All these and others are now thriving at Neema House.

There is a big need... we have a big dream...  But we have a BIGGER GOD!

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Arusha, Tanzania

The survival rate for triplets in Tanzania is very low. Neema House supplied formula for these babies, and for a half-brother whose mother died in childbirth.  On one visit to the Masai village to deliver formula for the babies, it was discovered that one of the triplets, Frankie, and the half-brother, Meshack, were very ill.

Frankie especially was very small and fragile.    Frankie and Meshack were brought to the Arusha Lutheran Medical Center, where they were treated for nine days.  Meshack has now been returned to his village and is doing very well.  Frankie, on the other hand, has remained at Neema House.  When Fankie came to us, at age six months,  he only weighted about five lbs!  He is now slowly gaining weight.  Here (right) is a later photo of Frankie and Big Michael.

A beautiful property, inside the city limits of Arusha, totaling 9.8 acres, has been purchased, and will be the location for the new Neema House.   Construction will begin in early 2015, on  a new baby home which can house up to sixty newborns and infants who have been orphaned or abandoned.  Staff housing, a mothering center, volunteers housing, and cottages for unadoptable older children will also be built.  Buildings will be funded by donations from churches, foundations, and individuals.  

Here is a photo of our new building site.

"Orphans are easier to ignore before you know their names. They are easier to ignore before you see their faces. It is easier to pretend they're not real before you hold them in your arms. But once you do, everything changes."

~David Platt

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Look what love and care at Neema Baby House in Africa does!  
Deborah at two pounds when she came to Neema.

Neema House, Arusha, Tanzania:  
More Than An Orphanage

​Neema House began taking in babies June 1, 2012.  The current focus is orphaned, abandoned, and at risk babies up to age three.  At right, see volunteer Shermaine with four of our babies.

Neema House is located in the northern Tanzania city of Arusha in a large, beautiful rented house.   Below is a photo of Neema House. 

Deborah as she is now, the first on the left.  Cute huh!  That is Elliott next to her, he was abandoned at the hospital weighing 1.65 lbs.  

Neema House also provides for some children off-site.  An example of this is a set of triplets, born to a Masai mother who could not produce enough breast milk to sustain them.  We provide formula and other necessities for them.

This photo is of the Masaai mother and her three babies.